Clark engineers

FRP Wet Wells

CE designed two FRP off shore wet wells 70m and 90 m deep. Design required FEA of stress for cascading baffles.

Sagging Roof Trusses

CE was engaged to investigate sagging wood trusses. The gang nail plate connectors were slowly failing causing the sag. Repair was adding plywood sheathing.

Steel Treehouse

CE designed a steel structure to be used for indoor trees at the entrance of a Sunday school for a large church. Scope included analysis and construction drawings

Failed Bulkhead

CE investigated a bulkhead failure endangering a house that was 22 ft away and 8.5 feet higher. Bulkhead was bowed out 2.5 feet over 97 feet. Solution was to add deep soldier piers.
Clark Engineers specializes in providing fast, dependable and accurate structural engineering solutions to a wide range of industrial, commercial, manufacturing and residential clients as well as engineers, architects and contractors.

Company founder

John M. Clark is the principal and owner of John Milton Clark Engineers Inc. View John Clark’s biography.

Our clients include:

Product Manufactures, Marketers, Major Oil Companies, Oil and Petroleum Marketers, Architects, Designers, Contractors, Builders, Re modelers, Real Estate Investors, Realtors, Building Owners, Home Owners, Home Buyers, Attorneys, Cities, Municipalities, and other Governmental Agencies.


Our services consist of:

    • Advanced Stress Analysis
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Dynamic Analysis
    • Structural Product Design
    • Industrial Structures
    • Modification design to large diameter steel tanks
    • Structural Equipment Skids
    • Fiberglass structures and buried tanks
    • Petrochemical Structures
    • Commercial Structures
    • Residential
    • Shipping Container Structures
    • Foundation analysis and design
    • Bulkheads
    • Laterally loaded structures
    • Foundations
    • Farming
    • Construction
    • FHA Manufactured Homes
    • Lab and full scale tests
    • Investingations
    • Expert witness testimony