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Report on Residential Post Tensioned Foundations

Audience: Community Improvement Associations, Home Buyers, Builders, Foundation Design Engineers, Inspectors

This is a 24-page report that answers questions posed by a community improvement association on Lake Conroe, TX

This report discusses what design and construction criteria of a post- tensioned slab-on-grade for a residence mean to a homeowner, builder, and/or local community association. Post-tensioned foundations are specifically addressed in detail since this is the preferred method of construction for most large builders in the greater Houston area. These foundations are typically designed using the PTI (Post-Tensioning Institute) method. A review of some of the more important areas of this method is provided. It provides a comparative design of one foundation designed for three different soils types on low PI, clay, moderate PI clay and expansive (high PI) clay.

Some of the main points discussed are:

1) The need for site specific soils reports

2) Proper gradbeam embedment and its effect on gradebeam depth

3) The need for proper backfilling, grading and landscaping

4) Accumulative tolerance effects on performance

5) Documents that should be provided to the home buyer

Price: $50.00 for report

$95.00 for report and detailed calculations using the PTI method third edition

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