Clark engineers


Below and to the right are examples of recent projects completed by Clark Engineers.

(Last Updated February 16, 2010)

Recent projects include: Numerous FRP structures for scrubbers, forensic failure investigation for 35 FRP underground storage fuel tanks in Indonesia for major oil   company, structural design for steel vessels (catalytic converters) for major oil company,  design of complete UST product line for FRP manufacturer, forensic investigations for FRP UST’s, design of three story steel structure on skids for AC equipment, FRP buildings designed for FRP supplier of products to major chemical manufacturers, hurricane damage and fire damage inspections and design of repairs for major emergency responder company, investigation of three story condominium wood framed building with water damage – wood rot, foundation failure investigation of ~112,000 square feet strip center, structural design of steel filter presses for seismic loads, foundation failure instigation of 4500 sq ft home built of tapered fill and developed innovative repair procedures, ….. and much more.

Recent Past projects include:180-ft two-lane bridge over a canal, 10,000 square foot office building, timber framing design for large home in Colorado, design of buried fiberglass fuel storage tanks, wet wells, manholes, design of large diameter FRP scrubbers, design of FRP structural buildings, design of large diameter concrete wet well, foundation failure investigations, post tensioned foundation designs, analysis of aluminum clean room wall panel systems for seismic loads, steel pool cover for retirement community, seismic analysis for regenerative thermal oxidizers and other related equipment, residential framing design and investigations, buckling analysis for FRP endcaps using FEA method and standard published solutions, dynamic analysis for cantilevered tanks on truck beds, design of fixed base base-plates with multiple rows of anchor bolts, …. and much more.

Other projects completed by Clark Engineers:

We have designed many industrial structures, including a ball mill foundation, a 25-foot deep concrete pit for a steel sheet splitter, and a 16-foot deep pit for testing full size fiberglass underground storage tanks.

Commercial projects range from a twenty-five thousand square-foot shopping center in Tomball, Texas to small commercial buildings and foundations.

Clark Engineers designed 21 fiberglass buildings on Steel skid mounts placed across the Lake Ponchatrain Causeway in New Orleans, LA. These buildings were designed for 140 mph wind load and were shipped in two pieces then bolted together on site.

Clark Engineers has successfully designed hundreds of residential foundations in and around the greater Montgomery County in Texas. A residential remodel on Lake Houston included the addition of a 1700 square-foot room with 25-foot high sloped roof. Clark Engineers regularly consults on foundation and structural related problems in the North Houston and the Greater Montgomery County region.

Clark Engineers is a member of the Foundation Performance Association located in Houston, TX.

Clark Engineers uses NASTRAN for Windows and has analyzed and design many complex structures. These include a water treatment cell for 50 psi internal pressure, many large deflection models for circular flat fiberglass plates, and a 30,000-gallon underground storage tank with an internal baffle surrounded by soil.