Clark engineers

Pressure Vessel shipping loads

A fabricator of ASME pressure vessels engaged Clark Engineers to do DOT calculations for transportation loads. Clark Engineers also checked the design of the vessel for internal pressure loading.

(B) The tensile or compressive stress resulting from normal operating longitudinal acceleration or deceleration. In each case, the forces applied must be 0.35 times [ ] the vertical reaction at the suspension assembly, applied at the road surface, and as transmitted to the cargo tank wall through the suspension assembly of a trailer during deceleration; or the horizontal pivot of the truck tractor or converter dolly fifth wheel, or the drawbar hinge on the fixed dolly during acceleration; or anchoring and support members of a truck during acceleration and deceleration, as applicable. The vertical reaction must be calculated based on the static weight of the fully loaded cargo tank motor vehicle, all structural elements, equipment and appurtenances supported by the cargo tank wall. The following loadings must be included:

  1. The axial load generated by a decelerative force;
  2. The bending moment generated by a decelerative force;
  3. The axial load generated by an accelerative force; and
  4. The bending moment generated by an accelerative force.